Gita Nagari is the home of the most merciful Sri Sri Radha Damodara, Sri Sri Lalita Vishakha and  Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.

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CAre For Krishna Program

Let us worship Krishna on your behalf in honour of your family.

As we all know, Krishna kindly allows us to offer our care and love, although He is always self-satisfied. In this program the 365 days of the year are on offer for you to contribute laxmi/money toward one or many days on Their service and care.

To care for Them for one day costs $331, which includes costs toward Their Flowers – garlands, puspanjali; Food Preparations – Offerings – groceries, vegetables, ghee, butter, sweet ingredients, milk; Items offered in the arati – ghee wicks (cotton and ghee), incense; Items to bathe Them – ghee, honey, yoghurt, oils, tilak/chandan, rose water; Outfits – for all of Them; Washcloths – for Their bathing; Detergents – to keep the pujari room super clean.

When you sponsor this 1 day a year, it amounts to 90 cents/day, and the return to you is priceless!




When you sponsor this 1 day a year, it amounts to 90 cents/day

Custom Amount


Please choose as much as you like from your heart