Who We Are?

Our vision

Accelerate Global Transformation Through Compassionate Living.

Our Mission

Our Core Values

Set in the scenic Tuscarora Valley, framed by mountain ridges, boundaried by the Tuscarora Creek on the east side, inhabited by melodious birds and other creatures, home to 12 joyful volunteers, 80 peaceful cows/oxen, and a carefree flock of about 40 peacocks, Gita Nagari Organic Farm of 350 acres of rolling green hay fields, pastures and diverse woods engages in compassionate farming, above all its other activities. We are a small community set in cozy rural Port Royal, PA with a singular aim of integrating our existence based on the principles of love, care and respect for all living beings. Spirituality, Sustainability and Community Care form the basis of our activities.

Gita Nagari is a thriving spiritual intentional community, where the residents joyfully live and share the teachings of Bhagavad Gita, as given by our Founder Acarya, His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada. Gita Nagari is the hub of this Supreme culture of knowledge, proudly supported by affiliated city temples and projects, as well as generous donors and well-wishers. The residents engage in loving devotional service to Sri Sri Radha Damodar as the ultimate Supreme Beneficiary, on fertile and productive land amidst content cows, and through their loving devotional service, experience fulfilling relationships.